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st. croix river sunrise

back in november of 2020, i took a road trip based on a suggestion from a fellow photographer and friend of mine, tomas alvarez. tomas is an amazing photographer and i count it a blessing that he makes time for me as a friend and mentor amidst his busy career and family commitments.

one of my stops was stillwater, mn - a town full of charm and history. my wife and i have periodically shopped stillwater's antique stores and garage sales. i arrived well before sunrise to set up along the st. croix river. my plan was to capture a panorama of the town of stillwater being lit up as the sun rose. when golden hour kicked in and the sun began to crest the horizon, i started making image after image. in between each image, i panned the camera to the next point of capture. a panorama requires overlapping of images to help ensure that the images can be stitched together later in post-processing.

i may share one of the panoramas i made at some point, but this image is probably my favorite of that day. it was made as the sun rose over the trees behind me but was still low enough in the early morning to brush the scene with a beautiful glow as opposed to dabbing a harsh light. the row of historic homes and the church steeples rising behind them seemed to absorb that beautiful light and glow. of particular favorite to me is the rich hue the red home on the far right projects.

the three riverboats on the left are steeped in nostalgia and contrast with the boat on the far right that projects the sleek lines of modern day cruisers. all of them are also burnished with the sun's glow as well. this was the perfect start to the beginning of a day long road trip.

please share any comments and/or questions you may have below. i'd love to hear from you! if you are interested, this image is available for purchase. it would make a great addition to your home/business or as a gift to that someone special. send me a message via one of the contact options and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. alternatively, you can go to my online store and order the image there as well.

please share this blog with others you think would enjoy it. thanks so much and i'll see you next time with more "images from a quiet world"!

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