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about me

you may be wondering about my tagline...."images from my quiet world". what in the world is that about? i'm quite severely hearing impaired. i lost most of my hearing at one and a half years of age. when making images, i hear very little, if anything. it's all about visual for me!

you'll find me whetting my photography passion at all hours of the day or night when i'm not at my "day job". it could be somewhere remote and lonely; it could be in the middle of an "urban jungle". i love the thrill of making an image that resonates not only with me but with all who peruse my galleries.

i also do commission shoots. if you have an idea in mind for a photography art piece, i will work with you to bring that idea to fruition in a visually stunning display!

i am truly thankful that you are visiting my website. feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the website or any of my images for sale by scrolling to the bottom of any page on my website. thanks again for your support!

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