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what are commissioned images? they are requests that come about from a client's vision for an image(s). i work with the client to bring to fruition a finished product that will be a treasured keepsake to enjoy for years.

commission image 1.jpg
commission image 2.jpg
these images are part of a commission for a client located in st. paul. he has been setting up an incredible christmas display for decades. he has been thinking that it might be time for him to retire from doing that. i worked with him to create a body of images that would keep one of his special memories of christmas alive for years to come!

for these commissioned images, i will set up a face to face consultation with you. we will discuss what is the desired image and allocated budget for capturing this image along with other pertinent information. this will help me formulate a plan of action and put together pricing to capture the vision. when the plan of action and pricing is put together, i will present that for you to read over. once approved, i will move forward bringing your desired image to life!     


i'm excited as a photographer to offer this service to you! click the "let's begin" button next to the image above to email me about a consultation and begin the process of bringing your photographic vision to life! 


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