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i'll be straight to the point...i'm not much of an animal image maker. i don't really have a reason why. i love animals. periodically, i think about getting on board with pet photography. that seems like it would work well with my hearing loss. it's a bit easier for me to understand pets than humans!

with that, i decided to share this image taken at one stop on a road trip in wisconsin. there are a few things that i like about this image.

one, i just like cows. it's partially a nostalgic reason as a cow experience i remember was going to a farm in the area where my grandpa had a cottage. one cow took my arm when i offered it and swallowed at least past my elbow with his mouth. not sure if i should be grateful i didn't end up getting cow puke all over me as i pulled my arm back out. another reason i like cows is that i just enjoy watching them. they seemingly have no care in the world other than to "chew the cud". they just seem to epitomize "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer".

two, i like the composition of this image. among other reasons, the grouping of the cows make it easy to pull my eyes through this calm pastoral image. the river seems to mimic the diagonal placement of the cows. it just feels right. often an image can evoke a feeling. in this case, the parallelism of the cows and river help to bring, again, a sense of calm and peace to this image.

three, this image was made with one of the cows in the foreground looking right at me. at least i like to think so. making eye connection with a cow often gets me wondering what the cow is thinking. "dude....can't a cow eat in peace?"..."what's going on? what's he taking an image of?"..."that guy seriously has nothing better to do than watch us chew?"...(fill in your own cow talk here)...

i spent some time just enjoying this scene in front of me. just the cows and i lounging around. sometimes there is no better thing to do than to just "pull off to the side" from life and enjoy the little things we might normally miss. eventually, i packed up my gear and drove off, looking forward to the next surprise to pull over for.

i'd love to hear your thoughts/comments about this image. is it something you like? is it something you could care less about? let me know! i'm always curious as to the thoughts of others when they view images i've made.

this image is for sale. swing on over to the online store to place an order or just shoot me a message using the contact form below. i'll be more than happy to help you put together an art piece that will bring years of viewing pleasure.

thanks for checking out my blog! please share this will all you think would enjoy reading it. be looking for the next time when i share more "images from a quiet world"!

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