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a thankful photographer

i thought i'd do something a little different for a blog. with thanksgiving arriving for those of us that celebrate it, i thought i'd share some of the many things i'm thankful for from my perspective as a photographer.

ready? here we go!

  1. i'm thankful for those of you who have chosen to follow my blogs. it is truly one of the biggest blessings for me as a photographer; that people enjoy reading my ruminations on photography and life.

  2. i'm thankful for a wife who allows me to take off on photo expeditions no matter the day or time when the urge to make images hits me.

  3. i'm thankful for other photographers i've had the chance to "meet" through online communities. it's been inspirational to see the paths others take in their photographic journeys and to learn from others.

  4. i'm thankful for all the photographers i've met in person. a few i've even had the opportunity to get together with "in the field". as a hearing-impaired introvert, i already have two strikes against me when it comes to hanging with people. lol! but they've graciously accepted me as one of their "kind".

  5. i'm thankful that i'm as excited about my photographic journeys now as i was when i first started out. it never gets old. i'll say it never gets old!

  6. i'm thankful for many facets of beauty that can be found in the spectacular and in the ordinary. i don't believe that beauty is by chance. some of you know of my faith that a Creator is behind it all. despite the occasional comments i've experienced (not comments in my blogs) making light of or mocking that belief when shared with some of my images, i will not be deterred by that. i won't apologize for my faith. it's a part of who i am and, if appropriate, i will share about my faith with my images. along with that, i will respect the beliefs of others that may be shared with images regardless of whether they are my beliefs or not.

  7. i'm thankful for the surprises that show up in images i make that i missed seeing when i was out on location.

does that last one seem a bit odd? i could list many more things i'm thankful for; instead, i'll stop there and share an image that relates to number seven. i went to a location to make an image of the milky way but discovered that there is too much light pollution when looking in that direction. the milky way and the stars just about disappeared in that dissonant mass of artificial, harsh lighting. as a photographer, i always try to remember...flexibility is key. i've never packed it up without scoping out if there's another image in the making.

i ended up spending some time light painting the dirt road leading toward the big dipper. however, out of all the images i made, this particular image does not have any light painting and it ended up being one of my favorites of the night; a "happy accident" if you will.

during the exposure, four shooting stars or meteors (they seem to be the same thing after doing some research on the what the difference is between the two) appeared in the twelve second long exposure. i don't remember seeing them when i was on location. i also didn't notice them on the back of my camera's lcd. there are two more quite faint shooting stars in the far upper left and far lower right if you look carefully. this surprise find was a real treat after uploading the images from my camera to my computer!

whether or not you celebrate thanksgiving, i encourage you to think about an activity or hobby that brings you joy in life. make at least a partial list of the things you are thankful for. this world has plenty to offer that makes us sullen. this world has plenty to offer to keep us dissatisfied with our lives. why not rise above it? don't let discouragement and disillusionment overpower you. overpower it by reflecting on the good. overpower it by fostering a daily habit to be thankful in the good and in the bad.

i'm always interested in hearing how others practice an attitude of thankfulness. if you are comfortable with it, share your habits and processes to foster thankfulness in the comments below.

if this image resonates with you, see the links below to order as a wall print or greeting card. if you would like to hear other print options available, send me a message using the contact form below or the chat button to the bottom right. i'd be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

thanks for reading this blog! feel free to share with others that you know would enjoy reading it. it's as simple as copying and pasting the url found at the top of this web page or clicking on one of the social media icons below.

thanks for your continued support! i'll see you next time with more "images from a quiet world"!

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