thanks for checking out my promotions page. promotions will last a month at a time. 

for the month of june, i am offering select matte prints for 40% off. there are two print sizes - 5x7 and 8x10; with the mattes that the prints are set in, the sizes are 8x10 (5x7 print) and 11x14 (8x10 print).
these mattes are white, acid-free and have a beautiful bevel cut border around the prints. they can be displayed as is or you can opt to buy a frame for the matte prints as another display option. because they are acid-free, they won't damage the print over time.

see the gallery below to check out all the matte prints available for purchase. as you scroll through, if you see a matte print you are interested in, click on that image and it will open into an expanded view. there, you will also find what size(s) the matte print is available in. there are a few that i only have one size available but most will be available in both the 8x10 and 11x14 matte print size.



these high quality matte prints come sealed in a bag for extra protection. at 40% off, the price can't be beat! for an 8x10 matte, the price is 15.00. for an 11x14 matte, the price is 21.00. this is the promotional pricing as regular prices are 25.00 for the 8x10 and 35.00 for the 11x14. once a matte print is gone, it is gone. so if you see one you like, be sure to contact me by using the chat button to the bottom right or the contact form at the bottom. you can find both of them on all of my website pages.
in addition to shipping all orders, if you are within a 20 mile radius, i offer three options. i can personally deliver your order, we can meet up in the middle or you can come pick it up. all three help to save on shipping. anything more than 20 miles, if you still want me to deliver or meet you in the middle, will incur a charge to pay for gas and time. 

thanks for your support! it means the world to me!