thanks for checking out my promotions page. promotions will last a month at a time.

this month, i'm going to do a giveaway. i'll be giving away two metal prints (12" x 18"), one each to two winners by a drawing. how do you sign up for the giveaway you ask? good question! There are two easy things you need to do. i need to say, before i go any further, that this promo is for those living in the usa. international shipping is not an option due to costs as this is shipping out of my pocket vs. an auto-fulfillment.

1. share my facebook page on your timeline. just a simple "check out stephen hadeen's photography facebook page" or something like that is all you need to type. you can even just copy and paste that. perhaps, if you want, share why people who follow you should check it out. After you type that in, add my facebook tag. it is @stephenhadeenphotography. be sure to type the tag. if you copy and paste it from here, it will not be an active link to my facebook page. once you do that, just send me a message on my fb page that you shared it. a simple "fb page shared" will be just fine. this is based on the honor system so please do share my page before you send a message that you shared it.

2. go to my blog page on my website and type "september 2021 promo" in the comments section of any of my blogs. the link to it is right below....


if it's your first time commenting on a blog in my website, it'll ask you to sign in. you only have to do that once. it won't ask you again for future blogs. signing in will have an auto-notification sent to you when i post a new blog. 

i'd like to have more people be aware of the blogs on my website. it is formatted much better as facebook does not allow me to format the way i want. this is the reason for the second very easy step to take to enter the drawing. while i will still be posting images and news on my facebook page, i'm only putting my blogs on my website. it is very time consuming to put in two different locations at this time due to formatting differences.

see the gallery below for the two prints for the drawing. both are intimate images and utilize a technique i like to call "looking deeper within the scene". the first one is at hidden falls in nerstrand-big woods state park. the second is at a local park called silverwood park. 

october 1, i will put all the names that did the two steps into a hat and pull two out. the first name drawn will get the choice of one of the two metal prints above. the second name drawn will get the other metal print. unless it requires shipping, i will personally deliver these prints. we can also set up contactless delivery depending on the COVID situation at that time. at the very least, i will be wearing a mask to promote safety.

good luck and I hope many of you will participate in this giveaway!