thanks for checking out my promotions page. promotions will last a month at a time. 


for the month of november, i am offering four different vintage windows with spring view prints for sale. all are titled "looking out at spring" and numbered 1-4. with this particular sale, i'm also including more prints for each glass pane of the window(s) you buy to showcase each season. for instance, for the vintage window with four panes, in addition to the spring scenes on the window glass, i will give you twelve more prints to go with it - four for summer, four for fall and four for winter. you can pick your choices from the images i have on my website or i can choose them for you.

each window has magnets that hold the prints so they are easy to swap out. two of the windows have four glass panes. those windows are 60.00 each which includes 16 prints. the window with the 3 long glass panes is 70.00. this one comes with 20 prints. finally, the last vintage window is actually a set of two that worked together when they were installed in a house. it still has the original hardware on it as well. this set comes with 32 prints as there are 8 glass panes in this set. this one is 150.00. all of these prices are at least 50% off my original price. all of these windows also come with the hardware to hang as well. 


i've included images below for you to check them out. these would make great creative holiday gifts for that special someone!

if you are within a 20 mile radius, i will personally deliver your order, we can meet up in the middle or you can come pick it up. with COVID-19 in these times, we will work out a contactless delivery process. anything more than 20 miles, if you still want me to deliver or meet you in the middle, will incur a charge to pay for gas and time.

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