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“people love mystery, and that is why they love my paintings.”

― salvador dalí

did you ever watch the the movie stargate or the original tv series based on that movie? perhaps you've read some or all of the chronicles of narnia? there is a common denominator across both of these as well as other movies, tv shows and books.

that common denominator is a sort of transitional portal that takes one from one place into another. i had that sort of feeling, a sort of surreal and mysterious feeling, when making the image i'm sharing in this blog.

the morning started started with high hopes. i was up way before the crack of dawn and out the door to lochness park in blaine. fog had been appearing regularly as the mornings temperatures were transitioning from the warmth of summer to the coolness of fall. dotting certain parts of the landscape throughout the suburban area i live in, the fog was thick. so thick that, in the right setting and timeframe, it would have been the perfect setup for ominous music, that prelude to "something' gonna happen....". and almost always a not good something.

when i got to where i wanted to make images, it just wasn't happening. what looked like a good potential from the road while driving by turned into a boring reality when i set up to make some images.

by this time, the sun was relatively close to making its appearance. i shook off the urge to chalk up this expedition as a not so great moment behind the camera. instead, i picked up my gear and strolled purposefully toward lochness lake. you might remember the heron in fog image i took and blogged about earlier. this is that same lake. i guess i would call this more of a large pond but google maps said it is lochness lake. if google says it, it must be so, right? 😉 the image in this blog is actually a week or so before the heron image.

as i approached, the fog hung heavy and looked dense over the middle of the lake. a sense of mystery prevailed which stoked a passion me. mystery is a theme that i like to embrace in some of my images. it was the perfect scenario for the cue of ominous music to alert me that something not so good was going to happen. fortunately, i was in familiar territory. i knew the worst to expect might be the surprise of walking straight into a cobweb. although. i have to say from lots of experience, that has morbid implications all of its own. 😂

i walked through the soggy and muddy ground hugging the shoreline, the moisture in the air was actually forming droplets of water on my gear. i arrived at a destination that made an visual impact to me, set up my gear relatively low to the ground and came away with this image.

in this setting, it was a surreal experience for me. i watched the fog with its sort of ebb and flow movement; it would start to dissolve only to re-emerge. it moved in no direction and then in different directions. the scene before me played out like it could be a transitional portal between two locations. on my right was infinite, a business specializing in k-12 education. on my left was the woods. in between, hovering over the lake, was thick fog that seemed to be a transitional portal; from urban to rural, from human habitation to wild preservation, from reality to fantasy. it truly was a morning to "be in the moment", to be in a tranquil place devoid of commitments before transitioning back to the realities of life.

i hope you enjoyed this blog. it's my hope that it might compel you to find your tranquil place and make a regular habit of "going there". i'd love to hear what your tranquil place looks like if you have such a place.

i'm putting a couple of links here to this image if you are interested in purchasing it. these links are for greeting cards and metal prints. however, if you are interested in another media for this image, contact me via the contact form found at the bottom of this blog and i'll help to get you exactly what you want.

please feel free to share this blog with others you know would enjoy reading it. simply copy the url at the top and paste it in an email or sharing format of your choice or click on one of the social media icons below to share.

thanks for reading this blog! I am so appreciative of your support through reading my blogs! I'll see you next time with more "images from a quiet world"!

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